The Right Side of Mines

Have you ever heard of the typical Mines stereotype that all Mines students are left brained and lack the cultural and artistic traits to write a song, pen a book, or paint a canvas? While it is true that most Mines students attend this school to pursue an engineering, mathematics, or applied science degree, this…


Misrepresentation Game

Cinematically speaking, “The Imitation Game” is a great movie. It contains great acting and an amazing soundtrack. “The Imitation Game” follows mathematician Alan Turing and his work during World War II on a machine that would “break” Enigma, the German encoding machine through which the Germans sent their war communications. When I walked out of…


Shells for Thought

There is something slightly odd on some of the hundred peso bills in the Philippines. Amidst important cultural symbols and a picture of President Manuel Roxas is a small seashell—the international logo of Shell Oil Corporation. While it may initially seem out of place, this small logo commemorates a one hundred year partnership between the…

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