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Facial hair for men’s health awareness

This November, men and women around the country will be participating in Movember, an event to raise awareness for men’s health issues. At Mines, there will be a best mustache and best beard competition for the men and a best knitted mustache contest for women. Registration happened on November 1, but it is still possible to register late by speaking to Travis Smith in the Student Activities Office or Brandon Samter in the International Student and Scholar Services office with a freshly shaved face. Prizes have yet to be determined.

The Football Informant: Trial By Fire

This weekend provided drama in game after game, as each of the four undefeated teams at the top of college football received their sternest test of the season so far. Oregon and Kansas State emerged with comfortable victories in the end, while Alabama and Notre Dame had narrow escapes. We learned a lot about the major contenders, while they only increased their distance from the rest of the pack.

Let there be lips!

Sigma Lambda sponsored their annual showing of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show last week. Between 120 and 150 students, faculty, and townspeople crowded into Berthoud 243 to watch the film and eat pizza, according to Sigma Lambda’s President, Jon Pritchard.

Devastating Hurricane Sandy wreaks havoc on eastern seaboard

It was an unpleasant Halloween surprise up and down the East Coast last Monday as massive Hurricane Sandy became the most powerful storm to affect New York in the city’s 390-year history. Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey, and pushed a nine-foot storm surge into New York Harbor, flooding large parts of the city. Sandy was truly a record-breaking storm, with the largest wind area ever recorded in an Atlantic tropical cyclone; at landfall, the storm was bringing 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds to an area of coastline stretching from Wilmington, North Carolina to southern Maine, a diameter of almost 1000 miles and causing power outages as far apart as South Carolina and Ontario, Canada. This historic storm left 160 dead as it traveled from the central Caribbean to the Jersey shore, and caused untold billions of dollars in damage.

Amendment S: That other issue on your election ballot

This Tuesday, voters in Colorado and around the nation will put an end to a contentious Presidential campaign that has the potential to shape the future of the nation. There are other things on the ballot, of course, which include Congressional races, confidence votes on each of Colorado’s Supreme Court justices, and a first-of-its-kind marijuana legalization initiative. There is one more statewide initiative, known as Amendment S, and upon first glance it is almost impossible to tell what this amendment will actually do.

This Week in Colorado History: Wilson Carries Colorado

One hundred years ago this week, “After the most strenuous and interesting political campaign in the nation’s history, a magnificent Democratic victory has been won in the state and Woodrow Wilson is elected president by an overwhelming majority,” reported “The Colorado Transcript.” Wilson won 40 of the 48 states and 435 electoral votes. Theodore Roosevelt of the self-created Bull Moose party won six states and 88 votes, Republican incumbent William Howard Taft won two states and eight electoral votes, and Socialist Eugene Debs won six percent of the popular vote but no electoral votes.

Music Review: Taylor Swift Branches Out…. A Lot

Two weeks ago, the blonde bombshell from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania released her fourth studio album, “Red.” On the initial listen-through, though, it is hard to picture Swift as the first country artist to have won a Video Music Award. There is just so much going on that few would consider it even among the most progressive of contemporary country music. However, after the first round it becomes apparent that Swift has not forgotten her country roots completely. She is simply using them as a base to branch out and grow as an artist and entertainer.


Faculty Spotlight: Jered Dean

Born in Pittsburg, Kansas, Professor Jered Dean has gone through every level of the Mines experience – student life, graduate studies, and even teaching. He balances a growing family and a dynamic career. Dean’s current life is not what he ever imagined it would be. “Take your master plan with a grain of salt,” he said.


Cooking Corner: Monkey Bread

When it comes to sweet and gooey treats, few dishes can match monkey bread. Traditionally served hot so that the sweet cinnamon dough can be torn off easily by hand, it is similar to a bunch of cinnamon roll middles. Monkey bread is a real crowd pleaser and is super easy to make. Make it for dessert, a snack, or brunch.

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