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Student athletes balance finals, competitions

The big coats begin to vanish; the shorts and flip-flops emerge; construction work rears its ugly head; and Colorado weather becomes as erratic as the Denver Nuggets. You know this time of year- it’s Finals Season. But while most students at Mines lock themselves away for a week, student athletes must balance their time between studying and competition. They cannot tune out the extracurrricular to focus on school, as many teams will compete all throughout the month of May. The track team’s RMAC Conference meet takes place Monday through Wednesday of finals week, right smack in the middle of final exams. and students must pide their time as they aim for success in the classroom and on the field.


Athlete of the Week: Sydney Laws, Senior, Cross Country

Sydney Laws is making strides in her career as an Oredigger athlete. The senior has risen to become one of Mines most prominent female distance runners in both cross country and track. Last fall, at the pision II Cross Country National Championships, Laws placed an impressive 10th overall, the best that Mines has witnessed. She has also been apart of numerous successful relays in track and has made a reputation for being a national contender. She currently holds the Indoor Track record for the women’s 3000m race (10:17.98). The chemical engineer will be graduating this year and looks forward to beginning her career. For her efforts, Laws is this week’s Athlete of the Week.


Mines campus happy

Reports of on-campus happiness have been flooding The Oredigger office. According to the latest sources, the anomaly occurred sometime last Thursday, though aftershocks of the event are still being felt. “I don’t know what came over me,” one student stammered, shortly after the happiness burst, “I mean, I really don’t know. I just sat down to do my homework and the sun was streaming into the window and the trees were covered in flowers and I closed my eyes, and suddenly everything was beautiful.”


Greivel strives for excellence, education

Professor Greivel is the apple that didn’t fall too far from the tree. The mathematics professor, originally from Lakewood, CO, didn’t travel very far when he attended the Colorado School of Mines for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. A few adjunct teaching and lecturing jobs later, he is a resident of nearby Wheat Ridge, CO with a passion for teaching. “I love to watch the light bulb go on,” he explained about his job, “I try to find unique ways of sparking the student’s interest.”

Kick-Ass redefines the superhero

With all the excitement due to the upcoming release of Iron Man 2 in May, many superhero fanatics find themselves craving a movie to wet their appetite for adventure and over the top action, a movie such as Kick-Ass.

From the beginning of Kick-Ass, the main character Dave Lizewski, (Aaron Johnson), defines himself as the socially awkward high school outcast. He goes on to explain that his life is rather average in the fact that he is neither extremely smart nor is he extremely athletic. The girl of his dreams doesn’t notice him, even when she looks directly at him.

Santiago’s proves half and half isn’t only for coffee


From the Colorado School of Mines, head down Washington Street towards highway 58 to find a small Mexican restaurant called Santiago’s.  Santiago’s is known as the home to some of the best breakfast burritos, making it a campus favorite.

These are not your run of the mill breakfast burritos. Santiago’s actually shapes their burritos, well…like burritos, contrary to the bizarre-shaped versions offered at other burrito joints. And unlike other restaurants, these burritos remain intact while they are being eaten.

Tau Beta Pi initiates largest class in history


On Monday, April 26th the Colorado Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society initiated 61 new members into the organization. To be eligible for Tau Beta Pi membership, you must be in the top eighth of the junior class or top fifth of the senior class. Candidates for Tau Beta Pi must also demonstrate good character and integrity by completing an interview process. Tau Beta Pi is an active honor society on campus and sponsors the annual E-Days Cardboard Boat Race and Trebuchet Contest. Tau Beta Pi members also participate in a number of community and campus service events, including the Castle of Cans food drive, EPICS II Judging, and Engineering Futures sessions.


LAIS expands program opportunities


You may think of Liberal Arts and International Studies (LAIS) as a pision that offers some writing classes but no majors, masters programs or real value for a Mines graduate.  But that old reputation is rapidly changing.  LAIS still offers required courses like Nature and Human Values and Human Systems, but it also has growing offerings in minors like STEP (Science, Technology, Energy, and Policy), LSE (Literature, Society and Environment), Humanitarian Studies, IPE (International Political Economy), and an outstanding masters’ program called MIPER (Masters in International Political Economy of Resources).  MIPER has no GRE requirement and can be completed with a Mines undergraduate degree in as little as an additional year.

Headlines from around the world: 5-3-2010


Democratic Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper, has raised about 1.1 million dollars towards his campaign since he entered the race for Colorado governor in January. His campaign began when incumbent Bill Ritter announced that he would not seek reelection.

The unemployment rate in Spain was reported to be up to 20.05 percent from 19 percent in the last quarter. Spain has the second highest unemployment in Europe after Latvia, and the government says that there are 4.6 million unemployed people in the country.

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